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Recipe courtesy of The Restaurant at Wente Vineyards Executive Chef, Matt Greco


• 1 lb beef
• 1/3 lb fat back
• 23g salt
• 11g sugar
• 4g insta cure #1
• 8g smoked paprika
• 5g black pepper
• 8g fresh sage leaves
• 32g roasted garlic
• 40g nonfat dried milk powder
• 5 oz ice water

1. Cut meat and fat back into 1 inch pieces.
2. In a spice grinder combine the salt, sugar, and all spices, except for the insta cure #1, and grind into a powder.
3. Add the insta cure #1 to the powder.
4. Place the meat and fat back on a sheet tray and place in the freezer and freeze halfway, about 1hr.
5. Mix together the mostly frozen meat, fat back, and spices and grind with a small die.
6. Place in the mixer with the paddle attachment on low speed and slowly add the water.  Making sure the meat is still cold, mix until the meat and fat are bound and tacky to touch.  When you run a spatula over the mix it should have a smooth finish.
7. Let product rest and marinate for one day.  Stuff into hog casings and turn into links.  You may also let marinate in the casing.
8. Smoke in a smoker at 170 degrees until sausage is firm to the touch. Cool in ice bath. Store up to two weeks.

Meat can also be formed into sausage patties instead of being stuffed into casings and sautéed.

Chef’s tip: Beef Breakfast Sausage pairs well with a mimosa made with Wente Vineyards Brut!